Functional programming with F#

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Acerca del curso

F# is multi-platform, open source, functional first and very mature programming language. It runs on Linux, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, Windows, GPUs, and browsers. With this F# tutorial for starters you will learn many interesting and cool things about this excellent language. F# is a very useful tool that always should be learned if given the opportunity.

¿Qué aprenderás?

This tutorial is aimed for everyone as it is really simple: starts off with an introduction and then scales to more complex things. We recommend you to take it; if you are reading this it means that you are interested in it somehow.

The following are the main lessons in this tutorial:
- Introduction to Functional Programming with F#
- Records and Discriminated Unions
- Functional Game Logic with State Pipelines
- Functional Concurrency with the Actor Model
- Parsing Text with Combinators

To successfully complete this tutorial you need:
- A computer
- Stable internet connection

After this F# tutorial for starters you should be able to manipulate F# as you desire. The main objective is for you to step out a person who is the capability of developing awesome things with F# and to keep exploring this world that is always growing and expanding. Get started now!

Programa del curso

  • Clase 1: Introduction to functional programming with f# - part 1 [episode 001]
  • Clase 2: Records and discriminated unions - f# part 2 [episode 002]
  • Clase 3: Functional game logic with state pipelines - f# part 3 [episode 003]
  • Clase 4: Functional concurrency with the actor model - f# part 4 [episode 004]
  • Clase 5: Parsing text with combinators - f# part 5 [episode 005]

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Functional programming with F#
Functional programming with F#

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